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Day 1: holding hands. (this totally counts)


Day 1: holding hands. (this totally counts)

Anonymous asked: "What is your problem with the scene specifically? I'm more of a casual fan of buffy so I don't really look to deeply into stuff, but I was just curious. You can ignore this if you want, I don't mean to sound rude or anything."

Hi anon! I love when people come into ask, so you’re all good.

The reason why I absolutely hate this scene, as well as most of the scenes between Buffy and Anya in Season 7, has to do with the fact that I believe Buffy can be very biased when it comes to who she treats with respect in her group. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffy Summers and I think she’s a role model for us all, but in the scene you’re mentioning, she uses her Slayer authority to undermine all the support and help Anya has given to her and the Scoobies over the seasons.

On countless occasions, Anya has helped save the lives of many humans including Buffy herself (“The Gift”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Grave”, “Something Blue”, etc) and although she chooses to become a Vengeance Demon again in Season 6, her loyalties remain with the Scooby Gang. Buffy; however, seems to selectively forget those things in Season 7 and finds it very easy and convenient to hurt Anya. Yes, Anya is an overly honest, self-serving and callous person/demon, but her intention is almost never to hurt her friends in the things she says/does. She doesn’t understand human communication or socialization and no, I don’t think 4 years is a long enough time to perfect those skills. In this instance, Buffy’s intention is to insult and humiliate, which is what really bothers me. She announces to a room full of people, “[to Anya] Aside from getting rescued, what is it that you do?” In my opinion, Anya is one of the least rescued, least helpless characters that has ever been a part of Buffy’s gang. Dawn, Xander, Willow, Tara, even Spike and Angel have played their roles as damsels far more than I believe Anya has. Yet when it comes to someone calling Buffy out on her shit (which happens quite a lot in Season 7) she can be very mean in response without having the excuse of being newly human.

This has gotten a bit long, but I guess the moral of my story is that I don’t like it when Buffy plays favorites in her group, especially when she doesn’t really think before her self-righteous insults start coming out.


Toph: So let me guess. You brought me out here to tell me your sister’s not as annoying as I make her out to be.


ok but what the fuck kind of nerdy ass name is ‘lord voldemort’ anyway